Counseling - allows our Mission to provide professional counseling to individuals and families that meet the criteria for help from Breakthroughs On A Mission.

"Over the years, I have started to place a huge emphasis on mental health after having different occurrences in my life. Mental health has become a platform of mine, and it was not until I moved to the foreign mission field that I realized the need for personal care and time, always remembering, “you cannot pour from an empty glass”. Breakthroughs On A Mission is something that has counseling and personal care as main goals. Since knowing the founders on and off the foreign mission field for many years, I can assure that their services can be useful and beneficial in many areas for families or individuals. Just knowing Mike and Marty personally have been a huge blessing in my life, so knowing they are offering their services to others is a true God send!"

Emily Brown, Missionary ~ Honduras

"....The SC Baptist Convention has roughly 2200 churches and we have the highest suicide rate amongst pastors than any other state convention...and that is only considering the SC Baptists, not sure what it would be if we added other denominations. Thank y’all for this important ministry. It will be beneficial to the Kingdom."

Rob Pierce, Senior Pastor, Latta Baptist Church, Latta, SC

"Breakthroughs On A Mission is a nonprofit which Mike and Marty have formed to fulfill the goal of helping those who are on the front lines of serving others. Whether the need is a result of the daily demands of giving of yourself to others or the result of some type of personal or natural disaster, their desire is to provide the help needed to keep these front line servants healthy spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Our Lord is sufficient for every need we have. However, He often meets our needs through the people He makes available to us. Mike and Marty desire Breakthroughs On A Mission to be the hands, feet, and voice of Jesus to those who need His touch.

If you find yourself in a place where you could benefit from Breakthroughs On A Mission I would encourage you to contact them. If you are in a place where you could offer financial or other support to Breakthroughs On A Mission I can assure you it will be an investment which makes a difference here and now and for eternity."

Lynn Hyatt ~ Lead Pastor ~ Callahan First Baptist Church, Callahan, Florida

"It is a huge blessing for a pastor to have another source of help to offer those who need more than the counseling or advice that I can give, and Marty has been a huge benefit in that area over the past couple of years."

Todd Carr / Pastor Exchange Church