Donating to Breakthroughs On A Mission means supporting those who are helping others. Donating allows us to help families and children physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Your financial help makes all this happen, and more.

Where does your donation go?

(On the donation link you will have the opportunity to designate where your funds are used.)

  • General Fund - allows our Mission to use your donation where needs are the greatest at any given time. Without our General Fund, Breakthroughs On A Mission could not exist. In addition to covering administrative expenses, a portion of the General Fund is used to meet needs where designated funds fall short. The needs that constantly flow into our organization can be overwhelming, and we never have enough resources to meet all of them. We are very thankful for gifts to the various designated funds, as they make our job easier when we have to make those painful decisions regarding what needs to meet. We are also thankful for everyone who gives to the General Fund, as the ministry of Breakthroughs On A Mission would not be possible without them.

  • Counseling - allows our Mission to provide professional counseling to individuals and families that meet the criteria for help from Breakthroughs On A Mission.

  • Emily Brown - allows Emily to continue to serve in Honduras, providing support in personal expenses that arise while living abroad.

  • Planting Hope - Our Planting Hope Center provides a wide range of support to local public school students and women in Honduras. Our program is designed to plant hope within children and adults, through education, counseling, and spiritual support.

  • Special Needs Families - allows our Mission to provide counseling, special training, educational, and social skills to those families with special needs children and young adults.

Give where the need is greatest!

When you give to Breakthroughs On A Mission, you are helping families and children physically, spirtually, and emotionally.