What Inspired Us...

Upon returning from Honduras, after ten years of mission work, Mike and Marty Edwards started Breakthroughs of North Florida. Through serving the community and building relationships with customers, they began to recognize other needs - needs that often go unmet because of financial burdens and lack of services. It reminded them of problems they dealt with after the deaths of three immediate family members within a six month period. Mike and Marty were broken. Exhausted, grieving, and trying to transition from a third-world country back to the USA, there was no one that could fully empathize with what they were facing. Family members, friends and their church family did the best they could to encourage and support them, and although that meant a lot, it was not complete.There were few options of places to go and get help, and those few options were unaffordable. They soon realized they were not alone in their struggles. With fervent prayers they sought God’s guidance which led to the formation of Breakthroughs On A Mission. This nonprofit is a dedicated support system to those on the frontlines working diligently, humbly, and selflessly helping others. Breakthroughs On A Mission will be “the wind beneath the wings” of those on the front lines.

Would you consider coming alongside us to keep these heroes emotionally healthy, fully supplied, and in the air?